WPOptimal Q and A (video)

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0:00 How to make money optimizing images and rebuilding existing sites.

04:35 Upgrading membership plans.
08:15 Addition of code snippers.

09:00 Training on rebuilding sites with WPO.

10:05 Done for you service for rebuilding sites.
11:00 The WPO community.

14:05 Core Web Vitals Assessment

15:50 Building funnels (without tracking) using WPO.
18:45 Generally theme designers do not care about performance, just appearance.
19:20 WPO bridges design and code.

19:30 Any site you can find on line you can rebuild with WPO.

22:00 Ongoing development in the coming months and years.
23:15 Menu changes.
25:00 Inserting a Widget menu

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