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Click here to go to template package for a blog. If you would like to use the package please contact us and we will send a link to the package and installation instructions.

The package contains templates for the home page, various pages and posts, Contact and Legal pages.

To get the best out of the package here are a couple of training videos.

Video #1 – Layouts

0:15 Page/Post Layout Templates plus Header and Footer
0:40 The Header
1:30 The Menu
2:30 Full Width Page Template
3:10 Other Page Layouts, i.e. with sidebars.
3:30 Standard Width Page Layout
3:30 How to set up Image Class Fluid (Responsive Images)
7:00 Lists
8:00 Working with Columns
8:45 Google Page Speed Insights results. Page Speed Insights Mobile=99 Desktop=100
9:30 Footer. Privacy Policy etc.
10:50 Contact Page, using WPForms plugin.
11:30 Post Templates
13:30 The Homepage
14:00 Buttons
16:00 Background Image
17:00 Editing Text

Video #2 – Styling. Using the Custom CSS Editor

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