The Benefits Of WPOptimal

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  1. Lightning fast Page Load Speed. No need for cache and speed plugins or expensive WordPress hosting.
  2. Built in Website search engine optimization, including Schema. SEO and schema plugins become obsolete.
  3. As a result of 1) and 2) you will get higher Search Engine Rankings.
  4. Google Core Web Compliant. Vitally important for 2021.
  5. Mobile First Compliant.
  6. Simple to use and ultra flexible “Click and Go” fully Responsive Page Builder allowing the design of unlimited templates.
  7. Improved site security – vulnerable WordPress loopholes fixed.
  8. Offline Mode included: A mobile-first technology that allows viewers to continue reading a site, even if their wi-fi connection goes down.
  9. 30 day Free Trial period with support.
  10. Design your own themes. No need to purchase another WordPress theme.
  11. On purchase of any of the three packages you will get unparalleled support vial the membership area. The developers, Chris Freeman and Jean Paul are experts in WordPress Mobile First design and coding.
  12. Members Store, with quality pre-made templates, custom modules, etc.
  13. Advanced tools for pro developers.
  14. Continual development.

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