How To Build A Homepage Template

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Here you will learn how to build a homepage template in a logical sequence from top to bottom and left to right, the same way your brain works.

The video demonstrates the flexibility of WPOptimal’s design process.

When creating your design always bear in mind that you are designing for the smaller mobile screens first so try to be as brief as possible with your written content.

Timeline for video
01:30 Full width Hero Section with background image with parallax
02:15 HTML or not. More flexibility with HTML
03:25 Building a three column section with an image and text. Image alignment, adding links to images.
06:10 Building a double column with an image and custom HTML. Simplicity of use.
07:30 Full width area with a single row, background color or image and text to break up the page and improve visual appearance.
11:10 Sidebars. Unlike standard WordPress with WPO you can have a left or right sidebar area both on the same page.
12:00 Including widget areas
12:35 Switching on and off the guides to view a more realistic version of how the template/page will look
12:50 Setting padding and margins and why they are not preset.
14:25 Making multiple templates
15:10 Image effects
15:20 Header and Footer areas. You can either make individual header areas for specific pages or sitewide headers and footers.
16:10 Sidebar dimensions
16:40 Designing your header area
17:10 Putting a menu in the header
17:40 Including header scripts, i.e. tracking pixels in header and footer areas.
18:05 Building your footer area
21:20 Saving your template
21:25 Linking a template to a page.

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