History, Development and Raison D’etre For WPO (Video).

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The ongoing and upcoming changes in the way people access the Internet, how Google ranks websites and the development of WordPress meant that a new, high performance template builder was required.

Watch the video to find out how and why WPOptimal was and is being developed.

Reference is made to “Dynamik” a previous WordPress Template by the same designer as WPOptimal.



00:00 WordPress 5.5.
03:15 Jquery Migration Plugin from WordPress

05:00 Latest Google Developments

05:10 Mobile Friendly is not Mobile First

Google Latest Changes

06:10 Google now ranks on the mobile version of your website

06:20 Google PageSpeed Insights. Go to PageSpeed Insights and insert test site then click on See Calculator, this takes you the Lighthouse Core Web Vitals Scoring page. Here you can see how your Performance Score is calculated.
07:00 Piety Hill website example

09:50 Core Web Vitals. Now an important ranking factor.

13:40 Google UX Performance Scoring Calculator

17:00 The New Mobile First Framework

Google Rank Number 1

17:30 What does it take to rank no1.
17:35 Unique, relevant, quality content.
18:25 Off-Site SEO, e.g. backlinks etc.

21:10 Mobile-First Structure

21:00 Effects of server speed and CDN
22:40Good User Experience (UX)
22:45 Optimized For Speed and Performance
23:50 WPOptimal

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