Building Or Rebuilding WordPress Sites The Mobile First Way

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If your website is not Mobile First Optimised you need to get it done before you lose rankings and profit.


00:00 WPOptimal introduction

00:15 High Performance

WPO is High Performance

00:20 The Optimized Framework

00:45 Modular Construction

01:50 Separating Code From Design

03:00 Mobile First Technology

Mobile First Technology

03:15 Custom Built Exclusively to Mobile-First Guidelines

04:50 Aesthetic Design has nothing to do with how a website ranks.

No Code Bloat

06:15 No code bloat, minimum Javascript

06:50 The WPOptimal Template Builder.

The WPO Template Builder

08:00 No need to understand PHP. Just create the layout you need for the site.
08:25 Click and Go. Easy to use and light on resources compared to Drag and Drop.
08:40 Pre-optimised Media Query Breakpoints (auto-responsive)
09:15 Detachable Headers and Footers. Select which pages have a header or footer or both.
09:35 Unlimited layout possibilities. Create as many templates as you need.
09:55 Build Pages/Posts with WPO Template Builder or by using WordPress.
10:10 WPO demo build.
10:40 The WPO Control Center or Interface
11:10 The Current Template section
11:25 WPO Options section. Custom CSS editor and Schema Settings
12:25 Members Store. Under development. Low cost pre-designed WPO elements and templates.
13:20 Getting Started section
13:0 Demo of Template Structure.
14:10 How to remove a header and footer from a page.
15:25 Adding a new row to a template
15:50 Left and right sidebars on the same page.
16:00 Adding a text module to a row.
16:10 Adding an image module to a row.
16:15 Adding a link to an image.
16:35 Adding an image effect
16:55 Formatting text
17:25 Module dimensions
18:25 Putting in a background image.
18:50 Making a row full width
19:00 Image parallax
19:15 Moving a row up or down.
19:55 Adding a background color or image
21:05 How does this look on a mobile. Fully responsive and goes to stack on a mobile.
22:30 Editing the Header and Footer
23:05 Header and Footer scripts
23:15 How to handle posts in WPO
24:05 Editing post templates and placeholders
25:05 Featured images
15:55 Managing Schema

26:05 Built in SEO

26:40 Index and No-index. Follow and no-follow posts.
27:05 Post Excerpts
28:30 Testing the homepage for page speed.
29:10 Comparing the appearance of an original site to that of a WPO built site.
32:00 Revision of The WPO Template Builder.
33:00 Calling text directly from a post or page.

36:20 One click image optimization

39:00 Website designer Chris McKane
39:45 Real user experience
40:30 The intuitive design process

41:30 Speed of template design

43:10 Short learning curve
43:15 Now uses WPO to build 95% of sites.

43:45 The effect of adding plugins to page speed.

45:05 Build websites between 5 to 8 times faster
46:20 SEO and Schema
47:40 The effect of Javascript etc on mobile battery drain.
49:00 What size should your featured image be?
49:50 Automatic resizing of images to suit viewport.
51:00 When images are optimised WPO keeps a copy of the original image in the media library.
52:20 Is there a way to add sliders to a site with WPO? Answer: Sliders and Mobile First are not ideally compatible but you can add slider plugins if required. If you want movement use a parallax image.

53:35 The image optimization process in detail and the role of the licence, image, updates and CDN servers.

Image Optimization Servers

56:20 Premium support.

56:50 Membership benefits

WPO Membership Benefits

58:50 New members are locked into the current monthly charge with no increases.

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