John MacdonaldMy Story to WordPress Excellence Using WPOptimal

Over the last year, I created three websites using WPOptimal. Two are new builds and one is a migration to WPOptimal (to see if I could easily replicate the design of an existing website). The one thing all 3 websites have in common is that in Google’s Pagespeed Insights they all score high (96+) in the mobile device’s test.

So what’s amazing?

  • I am not a web designer or developer and pretty useless with all code. Yet my sites are now faster than professionally built WordPress websites.
  • I used no caching plugins or image optimisation plugins – WPOptimal takes care of both.
  • The in-depth training videos make WPOptimal easy to use for people with any level of experience. They were a great help to me.
  • Superb support – As a non-designer support is vital to me, but great support is a welcome bonus – thank you, Chris.
  • Websites that score well for all Core Web Vitals are the future if you want to rank well in Google’s organic search – WPOptimal makes that very easy indeed. – See my results below
  • Ranking is just step 1, helping visitors to your site quickly see the page (no spinning wheels) will really help people on mobile devices who are (IMHO) less patient with slow loading websites.

My Results
After just a few months:

  1. One of the new websites is on page one at position 1 in Google search results, without any backlinks.
  2. The site that was migrated is now also on page 1 of Google at position 7 & 8.
  3. The third website has 3 pages listed on page 2 of Google at positions 1, 2 & 3.

I am not a total newbie to WordPress and I am a full-time SEO consultant. That said none of my other WordPress websites has ever achieved such high scores for speed with such ease.

ConclusionWhat’s not to like about beating your competitors in the search results because every aspect of your site works faster than your competitors. WPOptimal is not just about Google, but also about User Experience, so all visitors to your website will have a better experience. I have no doubt you will benefit from keeping both parties happy.

five star ratingJohn MacDonald


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anonymous imageThis is the only method you should use to build your website(s) if you want to rank on Google! Building sites that search engines love and care about is really easy with WPO. The software is pretty simple to use and their support is A1! Thanks guys, you really nailed it!

five star ratingAlexandre Letendre

Sean DraytonChris and his team are just absolutely awesome with the software they deliver and the outstanding support services that they provide to their clients. A massive thank you Chris, appreciate your excellent customer value add services.

five star ratingSean Drayton

anonymous imageWhat I like most with WPO is the dedicated community. You do not speak to anonymous people, you directly communicate with the owners, who really want you to succeed. In addition the theme is the fastet I know. For SEO reasons WPO is so powerful!

five star ratingJan G

Chris CantellI want to give my recommendations for Chris Freeman. Chris’s expertise and knowledge regarding website build / structure and all its technicalities is the best I know. When Chris showed me WPOptimal and the power behind both the concept and the build, I knew he had developed the ultimate web platform, and being user-friendly from a WordPress perspective made it a no brainer for me. WPOptimal is a game changer! It is the fastest web platform in the world in my opinion. Nothing else comes close. It performs like a Ferrari in speed, ability and ease of use. Well done Chris for bringing out a class product that is undoubtedly going to change the industry.

five star ratingChris Cantell

rainer kunertWPOptimal is the the best theme I have ever come across for simplicity and speed. I actually got 100/100 for mobile/desktop on one of my demo sites on PageSpeedInsights testing from Vancouver, BC. It has 19 images on it and quite a few css scripts. Try it yourself https://websitedemo.rocks/ashcroft/. You may have to click on Analyze twice or thrice. I have sold to 3 dentists and 2 industrial sites so far for website highspeed upgrades. None of my sites are doing less than 95 on the PageSpeed highway for mobile. Luckily no one is handing out speeding tickets yet!

five star ratingRainer Kunert


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Diane BoutinSimple yet so powerful. I have worked with many popular WordPress themes in the past and nothing comes close to WPOptimal. I have so much fun building websites because WPOptimal is so flexible. I can design however I please without hindering on the performance. I have never seen this before. Simply have to experience it. Highly optimized, simple to use, flexible as it gives a canvas for ultimate creativity. And the support is outstanding. It feels good and refreshing to be part of a caring community. I love every part of it!

five star ratingDiane Boutin

anonymous imageWPOptimal is a paradigm shift, no two ways about it.

It has been a breath of fresh air to find a team that appreciates the importance of both user friendliness, in terms of site building, and SEO code friendliness, in terms of ranking.
I use the term team, rather than product, as to define WPOptimal as a mere product would be doing a dis-service to those who are constantly striving to make it even better for me.
The people at the core respond promptly to queries and suggestions and provide ongoing training about many aspects of site creation to enable me to make even better use of what they have brought to the table.

The mantra of ‘Get It Right First Time’ when applied to website launches has especially struck a note.

The team though also includes my fellow early adopters, who are part of a greater consciousness that understands the more we help the team, by posting questions and observations on the forum, the better WPOptimal can become.

While I could build fast loading sites previously, they were not so simple to do as they required a degree of intricate, post-composition work that is not necessary with WPOptimal. I am unable to currently share any customer sites due to confidentiality, but am working on my own site, which I will be willing to share details about, once it has achieved the inevitable of reaching the desired #1 ranking…Watch this space.

five star ratingMartin Ansell

Chris CampI would like to give Chris Freeman a review on his new WPOptimal software for designing new websites. I have used WPO to transfer 3 of my websites and I found that the software is excellent. I am not a website designer, but with the first-class training that Chris provides, it is a walk in the park. All 3 of my websites are on page 1 in Google with my keywords, and on some searches, l have the top first 3 positions on page 1. I have also found that Chris is always available to help with any problems you might have.

five star ratingChris Camp

Rick DanielI have been involved with Chris Freeman for several years now and what stands out in my mind is his direct involvement with his subscribers. He takes care of us. Bringing the most important and viable information, software and training to the forefront. WPO is the masterpiece of WordPress-based web development. The main feature that originally caught my attention to it’s predecessor, Dynamik was the speed. WPO is even better.

five star ratingRick Daniel

Wayne BurganI am very much a newbie, having started with websites when I sold my software business and ‘retired’. I have used WPOptimal since it was released. It is an excellent product and easy to use. When I have had issues, often due to my lack of knowledge, support has been personal, quick and excellent. The community and the regular training webinars are also very helpful.

five star ratingWayne Burgan

anonymous imageHighly recommend WPOptimal for a super-fast, easy to use, professional theme. The ongoing support, guidance and genuine desire to help members makes Chris and his team one of the Internets “genuine good guys”. Been a member from the early days and this product just keeps getting better and better. Suggest you get WPOptimal while you can.

five star ratingMike James


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David BallardFive years ago I was fortunate to become a member of Chris’s “Dynamik” platform and today I consider myself a staunch supporter of his new, built from the ground up, WPOptimal (WPO) framework.

WPOptimal is not only a powerful framework built to empower and inspire future site builders eager to create a great page experience. It’s also the catalyst for stellar page scores, speed, and page experience with minimum effort all while incorporating Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) recommendations. WPO is relevant and current right now and for a long time to come.

WPOptimal is not just a new and better way of building healthy and lightning-fast websites, it’s also embedded with what no other framework has…the backing of Chris F and Jean Paul who are dedicated to elevating their members to a higher standard using principled best practices which, not only enhance your client sites but also meets Google’s CWV recommendations.

With the onset of Google’s current drastic algorithm changes…Now is the time to evaluate WPOptimal and stay current with Google CWV and the support of Chris and Jean Paul.

five star ratingDavid Ballard

anonymous imageChanging my WordPress sites from one of the most used visual builders to WPO increased the score on Google PageSpeed Insight dramatically. The mobile score went from 20 to 91, so I’m looking forward to the Google Core Web Vitals Update. 🙂

five star ratingDaniel L


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