About Us

We are part of a global team of WordPress Website Performance Optimization Experts

We are, also, a small family team, father and son, Les and Craig living in cave houses in the very pretty village of Galera, in the north eastern tip of Andalucia, Spain.

Cave Houses in Galera Spain, where we live.

We started our life In Spain running a restaurant and then founded Spanish Inland Properties, which is still going strong, so if you fancy a real change of lifestyle go and check them out and don’t forget to mention my name – Les. A few years ago we founded our online marketing business GMBMulti, more or less as a experimental thing. We knew that our strategy was good and it has worked well for us in the past but we weren’t sure that would bring real value to all our clients. As we gained more experience with a range of clients working in various markets and in different countries we continued to improve our strategy and have consistently found our clients were getting good results and so we decided to make this our full time business.


For several years we have been working with a small group of WordPress web designers, who in turn have been developing WPOptimal, a premium WordPress Mobile First Theme. It is now ready to go to market.

So if you are a WordPress web designer, check out our homepage.