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What is WP Mobile First Design?

With Mobile First the webpage is designed, in the first instance, to suit a smartphone size screen which is considerably more restricted than that of a desktop. After completing the design process for smartphones the design is then expanded to fit tablet and desktop. This contrasts with the traditional approach of starting with a desktop version and then adapting it to smaller smartphone screens (known as graceful degradation).

Isn´t Mobile Friendly The Same As Mobile First?

No, Mobile Friendly means that your site will show correctly on mobile and desktop. It may or may not include the design features of Mobile First. Mobile Friendly incorporates Responsive Design but does not necessarily include all the features of Mobile First. Mobile First is a way of coding and content creation, not included with Mobile Friendly. Mobile First websites have a different structure to that of Mobile Friendly.

Google now ranks sites using Mobile First and not the desktop version as previously.

Mobile First And Page Speed.

“The time it takes for a page to load is the most important factor in a users experience.”
Elizabeth Sweeny, Product Manager Google.
Performance Matters
Source: Speed Matters Designing for Mobile Performace Awards https://www.awwwards.com/brain-food-perceived-performance/

An important benefit of Mobile First design is Page Speed, which is the time taken to load the content of your webpage onto your viewing device. Higher Page Speed results in improved Google Rankings and user experience, lower bounce rate and higher conversion to sales. Google recommends a maximum page load time of under two seconds.

There are a whole range of techniques for reducing page speed:

      • Image Optimization
      • Enable Compression
      • Minify Css, Javascript and HTML
      • Minimising Redirects
      • Removing Render-Blocking Javascript
      • Browser Caching
      • Improving Server Response Time and
      • Using a Content Distribution Network

You can check your site’s page speed by using Google’s Page Speed Insights.

“Page load speed is three times more important than what a page looks like.”
Elizabeth Sweeny, Product Manager Google.
Performance is Critical
Performance is critical

Why Is Mobile First Design Important?

“Almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.” cnbc.com

The use of mobile and tablets exceeds that of desktop 52 to 47 and shipments/sales of mobiles far exceeds that of desktops.


What Are Today´s Important Ranking Factors?

In the Mobile First era the importance of ranking factors has changed.

  1. Unique, relevant, concise, top quality content. This is now more important than ever.
  2. Mobile First Structure.
  3. Good User Experience derived from good Core Web Vital Scores.
  4. Optimization for Speed/Performance.
  5. Off site SEO (backlinks etc.).

Mobile Usage Facts

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Progressive Web Apps For Local Business?

What are Progressive Web Apps and how they can benefit your business?

The Answer Is Simple. A Progressive Web App is a new web technology that combines the best a website has to offer with the best of a mobile app. This improves customer access, increasing business instantly for any local business! It is the next major progression to MOBILE browsing that every website owner should explore because the benefits are enormous!

If your business has returning customers or you want to communicate special offers or new products or servcies with your customers then you should seriously consider a progressive web app.

Advantages of a Progressive Web App (PWA)for a Local Business.

  • pwaYour customers can reach your website directly from an icon on their smartphone screen.
  • You can sent notifications directly to their phones using permission based push notifications
  • PWAs can work with a very poor Internet connection and even work offline
  • PWAs are lightening fast, almost instant.
  • Increase customer conversions up to 52% by providing a faster mobile experience for online customers.
  • Works on both iphone and Android.
  • Improve SEO, PWAs are Google friendly, providing greater online visibility for your business.
  • PWAs go live as soon as you publish, providing instant access to your business from any device.
  • Enhanced security compared to a normal website offering greater reassurance to your customers when purchasing goods, sharing sensitive data and communicating over mobile.
  • One click web payments.

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