Mobile First Web Design 2021

Optimize Your WordPress Website For Best Performance in 2021

higher ranking in Google

Today there are many excellent page speed and optimization plugins but they only do half a job….

It’s essential that you optimize your site, using mobile first website design, for:

  • higher search engine rankings
  •  improved conversions
  •  better user experience, lower bounce rates and
  • reduced marketing spend.

According to Kissmetrics, if your page takes more than three seconds to load you lose 50% or your visitors, if longer than twenty seconds you lose 95%. Every year your visitors become less patient and this is a serious problem as many WordPress themes and plugins cause the sites to load slowly on mobile devices.

Up to now WordPress optimization plugins either cache your pages, optimize your database, lazy load your images etc. or alter your Java Script and CSS. And what is even worse, most products do not optimize your site’s images, which is vital for load speed, and the one’s that do charge over the top.

So, plugins and optimization service only do half the job and charge for the privilege while WordPress designers have no effective solutions for optimizing their websites.


Introducing WPOptimal.

WPOptimal is a Premium WordPress Optimized Mobile First Template Builder. It is firstly a WordPress Theme Builder but is unique in that it includes many other  important functions that other themes or builders do not i.e not just a theme but a Mobile First Design Center:

  • Puts Mobile First Design First.
  • Includes Google’s Core Web Compliant structure.
  • Build for mobile on a Desktop.
  • Built in Website Search Engine Optimization and Schema
  • Super fast page load speed. No need for cache and speed plugins.
  • A WordPress “Click and Go” Page Builder including breakpoints for responsive design.
  • Ability to design your own themes.
  • WordPress security – vulnerable loopholes fixed.
  • Precision coding with no bloat.
  • Advanced tools for pro developers and Members Store where you can purchase pre-made templates, custom modules, etc.
Sean DraytonChris and his team are just absolutely awesome with the software they deliver and the outstanding support services that they provide to their clients. A massive thank you Chris, appreciate your excellent customer value add services.

five star ratingSean Drayton


What Can WPOptimal Solve For Web Designers

WPO has been designed from the ground up to optimize for page load speed, image optimization, and Google’s Core Web Vitals.

  • NO Bloated Code. WPO code is designed be as light as possible with no bloat and loss of page load speed.
  • Image Optimisation. Build into WPO is an image optimization service that minimizes image file size.
  • Core Web Vitals. WPO is ready for Google Core Web Vitals.
  • Rapid Learning Curve. Web designers will find WPO easy to learn and use.
  • Web Designer Optimized. Easily design your Mobile First site from your Desktop. The “natural flow” of the web design process makes WPO easy and fast to use. Design more quality websites in less time.
  • Help From Experts in Mobile First Technology. Learn from the best and get rapid precise help when you need it.
  • Reduce The Need For Plugins and Themes. WPOptimal’s super flexible design process means you can do away with slow themes and heavy plugins. Almost no limit to your designs.

Check out our demo site. This has a Google Pagespeed for mobile of97 and for desktop 98, you can view the results here.

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What is WP Mobile First Design?

With Mobile First the webpage is designed, in the first instance, to suit a smartphone size screen which is considerably more restricted than that of a desktop. After completing the design process for smartphones the design is then expanded to fit tablet and desktop. This contrasts with the traditional approach of starting with a desktop version and then adapting it to smaller smartphone screens (known as graceful degradation).


Isn´t Mobile Friendly The Same As Mobile First?

No, Mobile Friendly means that your site will show correctly on mobile and desktop. It may or may not include the design features of Mobile First. Mobile Friendly incorporates Responsive Design but does not necessarily include all the features of Mobile First. Mobile First is a way of coding and content creation, not included with Mobile Friendly. Mobile First websites have a different structure to that of Mobile Friendly.

Google now ranks sites using Mobile First and not the desktop version as previousl

Chris CantellI want to give my recommendations for Chris Freeman. Chris’s expertise and knowledge regarding website build / structure and all its technicalities is the best I know. When Chris showed me WPOptimal and the power behind both the concept and the build, I knew he had developed the ultimate web platform, and being user-friendly from a WordPress perspective made it a no brainer for me. WPOptimal is a game changer! It is the fastest web platform in the world in my opinion. Nothing else comes close. It performs like a Ferrari in speed, ability and ease of use. Well done Chris for bringing out a class product that is undoubtedly going to change the industry.

five star ratingChris Cantell

Mobile First And Page Speed.

“The time it takes for a page to load is the most important factor in a users experience.”
Elizabeth Sweeny, Product Manager Google.
Performance Matters
Source: Speed Matters Designing for Mobile Performace Awards

An important benefit of Mobile First design is Page Speed, which is the time taken to load the content of your webpage onto your viewing device. Higher Page Speed results in improved Google Rankings and user experience, lower bounce rate and higher conversion to sales. Google recommends a maximum page load time of under two seconds.

There are a whole range of techniques for reducing page speed:

      • Image Optimization
      • Enable Compression
      • Minify Css, Javascript and HTML
      • Minimising Redirects
      • Removing Render-Blocking Javascript
      • Browser Caching
      • Improving Server Response Time and
      • Using a Content Distribution Network

You can check your site’s page speed by using Google’s Page Speed Insights.

“Page load speed is three times more important than what a page looks like.”
Elizabeth Sweeny, Product Manager Google.
Performance is Critical
Performance is critical

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Why Is Mobile First Design Important?

“Almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.”

The use of mobile and tablets exceeds that of desktop 52 to 47 and shipments/sales of mobiles far exceeds that of desktops.

Diane BoutinSimple yet so powerful. I have worked with many popular WordPress themes in the past and nothing comes close to WPOptimal. I have so much fun building websites because WPOptimal is so flexible. I can design however I please without hindering on the performance. I have never seen this before. Simply have to experience it. Highly optimized, simple to use, flexible as it gives a canvas for ultimate creativity. And the support is outstanding. It feels good and refreshing to be part of a caring community. I love every part of it!

five star ratingDiane Boutin

What Are Today´s Important Ranking Factors?

In the Mobile First era the importance of ranking factors has changed.

  1. Unique, relevant, concise, top quality content. This is now more important than ever.
  2. Mobile First Structure.
  3. Good User Experience derived from good Core Web Vital Scores.
  4. Optimization for Speed/Performance.
  5. Off site SEO (backlinks etc.).

Mobile Usage Facts


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